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Game rules
1. Names
a) Offensive name 
Names that are insulting, racist, sexually related or generally objectionable.

b) Invalid name format 
Names containing nonsensical combinations of letters.

c) Impersonation 
Names which were created to fake official server positions or other players' identities.

2. Statements
a) Offensive statements 
Insulting, harassing, sexually related, racist or generally objectionable statements.

b) Spamming 
Excessively repeating identical or similar messages.

c) Advertising 
Advertising brands, products, content or services of third parties that are not related to the game.

d) Game items trading 
Offering virtual items in the game for real money.

e) Personal data 
Disclosing personal information of other players'.

3. Botting / Multiclient
a) Botting 
Allowed as long as the player is present.

b) Multiclient 
Allowed up to 2 clients at the same time.

4. Bugs
a) Bug abuse 
Exploiting obvious errors of the game or any other part of our services.

b) Bug discovery 
Players are obligated to report found bugs to the administration.
Reporters will be rewarded.
Concealment of any of them will be heavily punished.

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